My Media for Alexa Multiroom Audio

My Media for Alexa Multiroom Audio Support

My Media for Alexa Multiroom Audio Support

Amazon does not natively support multiroom for third party skills such as My Media for Alexa (or any others). This means using the normal commands to initiate multi-room (eg "Alexa, play x on my downstairs group") unfortunately does not work.

However, the great news is we have found a way of enabling Alexa multiroom with My Media for Alexa despite this limitation. Just follow these instructions!


Before you enable Multiroom for My Media, you need to have assigned your Alexa devices to rooms within the Alexa app by following these instructions. They only need to be once done to prepare your setup. If you've already done this then skip to the instructions for enabling multiroom.

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone and click the 'Devices' tab
  2. You now need to associate your Alexa devices with the room they are located in, eg the Living Room, if you have not yet done this. Click the '+' icon in the top right hand corner of the Devices screen and create a new group by clicking 'Add Group' and create one matching the name of your room.
  3. Tap the room you have just created and then click 'Edit' in the top right hand corner:
  4. Tap the Alexa devices in this room so they get a tick, then click 'Save':

Enable Multiroom Support for My Media for Alexa

Now enable Multiroom when you want to play a playlist or track on multiple speakers. Follow these instructions when you want to enable it.

  1. Tap the room in which the Alexa you will instruct resides:
  2. Find 'Speakers' and tap 'Change':
  3. Select multiple Speakers you want to play to, eg 'Kitchen Show' and 'Dining Room Show' then tap 'Next':
  4. Select 'Always' when asked when to play music to these speakers:
  5. Tap 'Next'; Alexa will show the preferred speaker now set to your choice:

Playing your Music with My Media for Alexa

You can now use My Media for Alexa as normal, eg "Alexa, ask My Media to play music by Ed Sheeran". Do not specify the speaker group in your phrase as this will not work.

Disabling Multiroom for My Media for Alexa

When you have finished using Multiroom, you can disable by repeating the steps above but removing the additional speakers in the third step.

Ongoing Work

We are aware this is not a perfect user experience by far - we believe you should be able to request the speaker group to play your media when you instruct My Media instead of setting the preferred speaker group as above. However, Amazon does not currently allow this functionality within their API. If you want to support our cause please upvote and leave a comment on our feature request to Amazon here.

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